Fees and Services

The following summarizes the services provided by Silicon Valley Nano Ventures and our associated fees.

Business Development Services and Fees:

Our business development services are transaction focused, with fees ranging from all cash to all stock.

Consulting usually requires research as well as development of the business case and presentation documents for a transaction and considerable commitment to negotiation and close.

We will work on a fixed fee for service or daily rate basis. In many cases an initial day to week of work may be required to scope out the total work for a project.

Typical transactions for our clients include:

  • Foreign Subsidiary
  • IP Portfolio — Sale or License
  • Joint Venture Identification, Negotiation, Support
  • New Venture Development
  • Private Placement Funding
  • Product Line — Sale or License
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • US Subsidiary
  • We will work with broker-dealers license in California and North America

Network Consulting and Fees:

We offer our global network participation consulting and fees for client origination, contract origination, client management, and contribution to any part of the work process. 

Professional Engagements:

Our compensation for engagements can include either a retainer or a consulting fee and a fee for successful transactions, depending on the nature of the engagement. All engagements are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. The guidelines below do not constitute an offer or an acceptance of any engagement.


Retainers are usually based on a 90 day to 180 day engagement, depending on the project, with option to extend monthly based on agreement by both parties.

Our retainers vary from $3,000/month to $15,000/month depending on the project, with a billing rate from $75/hour – $300/hour depending on principals and associates engaged in a project. 

Consulting & Success Fees:

In some cases we will take options, stock, or warrants in lieu of some or all of our consulting fee for business development or finders fee for funding. 

Credit Back:

Retainers are nonrefundable, as the client has the benefit of our work product.

We may credit back a percentage of our retainer against any success fee, depending on the engagement.

Other Services:

Our team, including associates, delivers project implementation services including financial, operations, and technical management, either to supplement your existing team or as part time, temporary managers until your permanent team is hired.