Kenneth Epstein

Ken Epstein

Senior Business Consultant

Principal, NewCap Partners, Inc. (US FINRA Registered) & General Partner, Epstein & Associates, LLC

Practice Areas: Water/Cleantech, Advanced Materials/Nanotechnology, Energy, Life Sciences/Healthcare

Kenneth Epstein is a registered principal at NewCap Partners, Inc., & has been actively involved in US & global M&A, Strategic partnerships/JV, & Financings since 1997. Ken co-founded Epstein & Associates, LLC in 1995, a Northern California based consulting firm specializing in helping companies develop growth strategies & business plans, understand & position in global markets, & launch global strategic alliances. He has extensive global strategic partnering & and M&A China, China-US, & China-Asia experience since 1987, first at Dow Chemical (from Singapore and later Dow Corporate Headquarters in the USA) & then for NewCap and Epstein & Associates’ clients. Ken started his global, multi functional career with the Dow Chemical Company (US, Brazil/Argentina, and Singapore/Malaysia). The majority of his Dow career he was a corporate venture manager investing in global companies & technologies in the advanced materials, energy (coal treatment, coal gasification, geothermal, co-generation), & Cleantech (water, bio materials, solar, wind, fuel cells).

Water Experience: Ken has broad expertise in water technologies including 10 years at Dow Chemical (ion exchange, membranes, absorbents), 7 years (2002-2009) as advisor/board member to a U.S. water treatment company (APTwater), & 4 years as advisor to Teijin, Ltd (Japan) to look for & analyze the newest global water technologies available for license or purchase. Ken closed a number of multimillion dollar equity investments in water treatment companies including

  1. VRTX Technologies, Inc. sale to Ecowater (division of Marmon Water-Hathaway Company) in 2014;
  2. Scinor Water (Beijing) company with UF/MF membrane technology where he closed funding with Kleiner Perkins China & Kleiner Perkins US;
  3. Advisor to Teijin, Ltd (Japan) to help close funding from Kleiner Perkins & XPV  for APT Water;
  4. Advisor to Teijin, Ltd (Japan) on M&A deal to acquire majority of APT Water;
  5. consultant to Asian corporation to license fixed bed bio reactor water technology from Israeli company; &
  6. at Dow Corporate Ventures invested in water treatment companies & technologies for 15 years including membranes (Filmtec, Generon), reverse osmosis, ion exchange, waste water treatments, & cooling towers. Water treatment areas include drinking, municipal, industrial water; water reuse; cooling towers; desalination; produced water; lab/ultra pure water; oil/gas/industrial water, & water remediation.

China Experience Ken has worked & traveled in China on cross-border projects since 1987:

  1. involved with Suzhou China’s Nanopolis Nanotechnology Center for past three years; 
  2. Advisor – Scinor Water (Beijing) for two years, including closing funding; 
  3. Advisor – Shanghai Genomics  for 3 years, found Japan JV partner leading Japan IPO; 
  4. Advisor – Beyond Diagnostics (Shanghai), closed funding from Morningside Group (US & HK); 
  5. Advisor – Japanese company to form JV with Beijing Continent Pharmaceutical Company; 
  6. Advisor – OM Group (US) to form materials strategic alliance, Dalian China chemical company; 
  7. Speaker/Moderator at three Nanotech Forums in China (2014, 2013, & 2011); 
  8. 10 years with Dow Chemical working on Chinese material strategic alliances/partnerships in Sb (Jiangxi Province) for plastics & W & WC powders for metal & ceramic parts in Fujian Province.

Education: BS Chemical Engineering, University of Rhode Island; MBA International Finance, University of Michigan