Warren Chamberlain


Senior Engineering Consultant

Principal, Chan Chamberlain Associates

Consulting & Implementation: Soil & Water Pollution Remediation Systems

Practice Areas: Site Assessment, Solution Design, Solution Implementation, Project Management

Warren has 28+ years experience and as a Senior Principal Engineer & Project Manager has worked on numerous environmental & civil engineering projects in California, Nevada, & Australia. He has designed over 60 soil & water remediation systems, including dig & haul, groundwater pump & treat, air & ozone sparging, in situ chemical oxidation, soil vapor extraction, & in situ bio remediation.

Warren has designed landfill covers; performed design & construction of hydrological systems for river and storm water diversion, dam sizing & construction, underground tunnel construction, property redevelopment; as well as design & construction of soil & groundwater remediation systems.

Warren has managed over 200 Environmental Site Assessment Phase I & Phase II site characterization projects in California, Arizona, & British Columbia.

Facilities investigated include high-tech manufacturing plants, petroleum storage & distribution facilities, underground storage tanks (USTs), municipal landfills, paint & steel manufacturing plants, scrap-metal yards, dry cleaning facilities, golf courses, agricultural chemical sites, & Brownfield properties.

Facilities have been impacted with pollutants containing pesticides, herbicides, VOCs, SVOCs, petroleum hydrocarbons, polychlorinated biphenyls, heavy metals, & inorganic compounds such as nitrats & perchlorates.

Education: BS Physics & BS Geophysics, University of Tasmania, Australia; MS Petroleum Geology & Geophysic, University of Adelaide, Australia; MS Civil/Water Resources Engineering, Stanford University.

Registrations: Certified Hydrogeologist, CA #660; Professional Geologist, CA #6510; Professional Engineer, Civil, CA #60853

Memberships: American Society of Civil Engineers; United States National Ground Water Association